Troping Your Way to a Stronger Story with Jennifer Hilt - #140

The Indy Author Podcast

Jun 28 2022 • 45 mins

This week on The Indy Author Podcast, Jennifer Hilt discusses TROPING YOUR WAY TO A STRONGER STORY. She talks about how tropes differ from clichés; whether tropes can turn into plagiarism; the role of conventions and reader expectations; using tropes to support goals, motivation, and conflict; tropes as a marketing device; and tropes as writing prompts.

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Jennifer Hilt is the author of THE TROPE THESAURUS: TROPE YOUR WAY TO A STRONGER STORY. Her next book, THE TROPE THESAURUS ROMANCE, releases in June 2022. She is also the USA Today bestselling author of 24 books across four pen names. She loves collecting dictionaries in unfamiliar languages, bingeing Scandi-Noir streaming series, and shouting out tropes from the comfort of her couch. Jennifer lives in Seattle with my family and my canine fan club.

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