Episode 100 - Becoming the Relaxed Author with Mark Leslie Lefebvre

The Indy Author Podcast

Oct 5 2021 • 59 mins

Mark Lefebvre talks about the importance of being a relaxed author, a topic he and co-author Joanna Penn explore in depth in their book THE RELAXED AUTHOR. We discuss relaxed writing (including writing at your own pace and fitting your writing process to your lifestyle); relaxed publishing (including the advice to publish wide … or not : ) and how to deal with cancel culture and bad reviews); relaxed marketing (including deciding if and where to engage on social media and the option of outsourcing); and relaxed business (including the importance of saying “no” and the benefit of finding trusted voices and tuning out the rest).

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Mark Leslie Lefebvre is the author of more than twenty books that include fiction and thrillers, and paranormal non-fiction explorations. He has also edited numerous anthologies. With three decades of experience in bookselling and publishing, Mark is a seasoned and trusted book industry professional who embraces both traditional and indie publishing options.