Creating a Winning Workbook with M.K. Williams - #170

The Indy Author Podcast

Jan 24 2023 • 46 mins

Matty Dalrymple talks with M.K. Williams about CREATING A WINNING WORKBOOK, including why she chose to create a workbook, the importance of understanding your ideal reader’s needs, the vital role played by beta readers, hiring a design professional who specializes in workbooks, formatting options, and production costs.

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M.K. Williams had one simple goal: she needed more time to write her own books. After self-publishing two novels, she found herself spending more time answering questions from aspiring authors than working on her next manuscript. Out of necessity, Author Your Ambition was born. Since 2015 she has written and self-published her own collection of books and helped dozens of authors on their independent publishing journey through a series of videos, books, and courses.

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