Podcasting Playbook: Navigating Guest Opportunities with Michelle Glogovac and Special Guests - #220

The Indy Author Podcast

Jan 9 2024 • 53 mins

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Matty Dalrymple talks with Michelle Glogovac about PODCASTING PLAYBOOK: NAVIGATING GUEST OPPORTUNITIES, including pitching to a podcast is similar to or different from other pitches in a writer’s life; the importance of pitching not just the book but the person behind the book; finding good podcast matches, both by finding your niche and by pushing the boundaries; the differences between fiction and non-fiction pitches; whether repetition of a story a problem; the dangers of following a script; a behind-the-scenes glimpses of a podcaster's life; the vital importance of repurposing; the pro tip of making a Spotify playlist of your podcast appearances; and the value of sharing freely (you won’t cannibalize book sales).

As a bonus, I solicited advice from previous podcasts guests about their tips for excelling once you land the guest appearance, and you’ll be hearing from Michael La Ronn, Jerri Williams, Melissa Addey, Frank Zafiro, and Emma Dhesi.

Links, summary, and transcript at https://bit.ly/TIAP220

Michelle Glogovac is THE Podcast Matchmaker™, a podcast publicist, and host of the award-winning podcast, My Simplified Life. She works with entrepreneurs, authors, and experts to hone their storytelling abilities, grow their businesses, and elevate themselves as thought leaders. Michelle is a wife, mom of two, stepmom of two, and a fur mom. She has her B.A. and M.S. in Law and is the Founder and CEO of The MLG Collective®.  Her first book, HOW TO GET ON PODCASTS, debuts in January 2024.

Matty Dalrymple is the author of the Lizzy Ballard Thrillers, beginning with ROCK PAPER SCISSORS; the Ann Kinnear Suspense Novels, beginning with THE SENSE OF DEATH; and the Ann Kinnear Suspense Shorts. She is a member of International Thriller Writers and Sisters in Crime. Matty also writes, speaks, and consults on the writing craft and the publishing voyage, and shares what she’s learned on THE INDY AUTHOR PODCAST. She has written books on the business of short fiction and podcasting for authors; her articles have appeared in "Writer’s Digest" magazine. She is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors.