Episode 095 - Finding and Being a Ghostwriter with Rob Archangel and Mikal Keefer

The Indy Author Podcast

Aug 31 2021 • 1 hr 3 mins

Rob Archangel and Mikal Keefer talk about FINDING AND BEING A GHOSTWRITER. Rob, the principal at author services provider Archangel Ink, discusses the different circumstances that lead a person to look for a ghostwriter, how ghostwriting varies based on the client’s needs and skills, and the variables that influence the cost of a ghostwriting service. Mikal, one of the ghostwriters at Archangel Ink, talks about how he matches the voice of the work to the client, and the pros and cons of ghostwriting as a career—and of working on someone else’s books instead of your own. And both share tips for how to make a ghostwriting engagement a positive experience for both the ghost and the client.

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Rob Archangel is the owner of Archangel Ink, and author of THE PUBLISHED PROFESSIONAL: How Self-Publishing Can Help Build Your Brand, Attract More Clients, And Increase Sales. Rob founded Archangel Ink to help clients more effectively reach their audience, share their message, and build their brand. Rob and his team help busy authors, entrepreneurs, and business professionals self-publish their written work with quality and ease, so they can focus on their area of expertise.

Mikal Keefer is a freelance author who’s published more than 35 books and ghosted a half-dozen more. He’s a veteran copywriter, crafting advertising and brand collateral for dozens of brands and hundreds of product launches. Mikal has served as an Executive Editor at a publishing house, written hundreds of video and audio scripts, developed curricula, and for one glorious day was hired to write fortune cookies.