ROI for Authors with DeAnna Hart - #138 The Indy Author Podcast

The Indy Author Podcast

Jun 14 2022 • 49 mins

DeAnna Hart, co-author along with Mark Leslie Lefebvre of “Accounting for Authors: Financial Analysis, Budgeting, Costs, and Margin Made Simple,” discusses ROI FOR AUTHORS. She discusses the importance of not glossing over the costs of doing business as an indy author, allocating overhead costs to your titles, risk tolerance and risk capacity, valuing your time, looking for opportunities to free up your time for value-added work, and the best accounting tools for authors.

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D.F. (DeAnna) Hart holds an MBA with Accounting concentration and has been working in accounting for over twenty-five years. When she’s not planning out how best to use her ‘day career’ background to help her fellow authors, she’s happily penning mysteries and thrillers as D.F. Hart, and contemporary and suspenseful romance as Faith Hart. DeAnna lives in Texas.