Drop The MIC: Music Industry Conversations

Drop The MIC

Drop The MIC: Music Industry Conversations is a podcast hosted by students at Stanford University looking to discover the ins and outs of the music business. Tune in each week to hear a new team of students learn about aspects of the industry ranging from Record Labels to Touring, Marketing to Songwriting, and so much more, straight from some of the most established individuals who have spent their careers making the music we all know and love.
Rising Songwriters: Cracking the Creative ProcessAn Artist's ArsenalFinding the Right People: Making it as a SongwriterFrom Ticket Sales to Soundcheck: A Breakdown of the Domestic Touring ExperienceFrom Artist Management to Activism: Carving Your Own Path in the Music Industry with Kyle FrenetteMusic Streaming: Tipping Scales and Sales200 Days on the Road: Building a Business in the Music IndustryAge and Experience: The Lifespan and History of A&RReinventing the Jam Session: Music Technology's Response to COVID-19Revolutionizing the Relationship Between Artist and AudienceArtist and Analyst Conversations on Music StreamingBecoming Undeniable: Building a Brand that Takes You to the TopStories of Seasoned Songwriters: How to Craft Your Next SongNext Up: Streaming, Discovery, and InnovationFrom Perfectly Ordinary to Pop Star: A Guide to Marketing and Branding in the Music BusinessBack To Our Roots: Emerging Artists from StanfordPioneers in Music Festivals and Artist DiscoveryFrom Rising Star to Grammys: Here’s How Music is MadeArtist Management and the Art of Forming PartnershipsSongwriting, Grit, and Country Music