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(#35) Finding Light in Darkness with Lazara Canton
Nov 21 2023
(#35) Finding Light in Darkness with Lazara Canton
How does a spiritual awakening shape your life? In an enlightening conversation with Lazara Canton, she shares an awe-inspiring journey of spiritual awakening that started from her personal loss and has since been an ongoing process. This episode takes you on a profound exploration of personal growth in conjunction with spiritual evolution, emphasizing the instrumental role of mentors and a supportive community in navigating through the challenging facets of life.Our discussion extends into the realm of energetic parenting and the influence of spirituality on the parent-child connection. Lazara shares her experiences on how embracing the power of chakras has not only enriched her spiritual growth but also mirrored her vibrational energy onto her daughter. Further, she sheds light on the transformational power of self-acceptance and how her spiritual journey has enabled her to find her inner strength and heal past wounds.As the conversation proceeds, we dive into the effects of lifestyle choices on our spiritual state. Underscoring the impact of alcohol on our vibrational frequency, Lazara provides valuable insights into staying grounded and connected through hydration, exercise, and journaling. The episode concludes with her reflections on spiritual awakening through light and perception, the delicate process of providing support during someone's spiritual journey, and the joy and gratitude of setting intentions and witnessing their manifestation. This episode serves as a reminder that we hold the power to turn our lives around and reach our highest potential.----Buy Lazara's Book: You Can Turn This AroundConnect with Lazara on Instagram HereVisit Lazara's Website Here