God is Looking for True Worshippers! - Part 2

Podcast with Pastor Larry

Sep 6 2022 • 57 mins

When you think of worship, what do you see or envision? Hands raised, someone kneeling, crying, shouting, running the aisles, waving your arms, eyes closed, head up, head down, etc. Is it none of those things? Is it all of those things?

So, what is worship? What does it mean? When it comes to worship as a Christian, Worship is the adoring response of mankind towards God. Worship can be defined as ascribing worth or value to something or someone.

Every Christian can become a true worshipper of God. How can our worship honor God?
Let's study the Bible together and find out what true worshippers are and how we can become that to truly honor and glorify God.

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