How to be a Builder (Not a Bulldozer)! Mark 7 - Part 2

Pastor Larry Luffman

Aug 23 2022 • 55 mins

Jesus said, figuratively speaking, that the Pharisees cleaned the outside of the cup – they made sure they looked good on the outside but inside they were a mess. They looked like a lot of churchgoers today – good, God-loving people, they have the bumper stickers, the t-shirts, jewelry, catch-phrases, they have the Christian lingo down, but it is just appearances.

God is calling those who are members of His church (the body) to be builders and not a bulldozer. There is a great word in the Bible for this – “edify.” It carries the idea of building something.

God’s desire is for us to be builders of people (our family, fellow church members, co-workers, spouse, and kids). How can you be a builder and not a bulldozer? Join me in this study of God's Word and we will learn this important truth together.

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