Is It Better to Sell Properties to Invest in Stocks If That Means Financial Independece When Nomading™?

Gilbert Real Estate Investing & Real Estate Financial Planning™ Podcast

Nov 10 2023 • 29 mins

Sometimes buying rental properties is merely a means to an end: financial independence. Some folks don't want to hold onto their rental properties, manage them, or deal with the business of owning them when they achieve financial independence. Instead, they may prefer to have their money more passively invested in stocks.

Can a real estate investor buy properties and hold onto them until they can sell off all the rentals, pay all their expenses of the sale—including closing costs, capital gains taxes, depreciation recapture taxes, and real estate commissions—then take the proceeds and invest in the stock market utilizing a safe withdrawal rate? And is that a faster approach to achieving financial independence than trying to get your properties to the point where they're cash flowing enough to support you without working?

In this mini-class, James will look at Nomading™ versus Nomading™ but being willing to sell off all your rental properties if doing so can make you financially independent and allow you to invest in stocks using a safe withdrawal rate.

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