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Smart Business Moves is a Podcast hosted by Tom Stewart and Liz Trotter. Each week, Tom and Liz interview a professional in the cleaning industry.

Smart Business Moves with Peter Schwartz
Sep 1 2022
Smart Business Moves with Peter Schwartz
Peter has over 30 years of experience taking early-stage concepts andcompanies to maturity. He has been a Chair with Vistage Worldwidesince 2005. In 2013, Peter was named Best Practice Chair for theWashington DC/Baltimore market. A Master Chair and 4-time STARaward winner, Peter was selected from over 550 Vistage Chairs toreceive the Robert Nourse “Vistage Chair of the Year” award in May2016. In 2020, Peter received the “Don Cope Memorial” Award, thehighest honor a Vistage Chair can receive.As a Vistage Chair and CEO Coach, Peter became fascinated withleadership development early in his Vistage Career. He believesleadership development is at the center of the Vistage ValueProposition. Consequently, He has obtained a number of certificationsin leadership development, in particular, The Leadership Circle andThe Leadership System. He uses this instrument/programextensively in his Vistage Practice. Recently 13 senior leaders of aFortune 50 company formed a “Vistage Inside Group”. This groupwent on a year-long leadership development journey utilizing the TLC360 profiles and the accompanying Leadership System.Peter resides in Reston, VA, and Mt Pleasant, SC graduated with aBS in Psychology from Old Dominion University. He is a graduate ofGeorgetown University's Leadership Coaching Certification; Harvard’s“Immunity to Change” Coaching program, and is currently leading theVistage/Stanford Executive Leaders Program for select Vistage CEOsin the Mid-Atlantic.