The Mayan Crystal

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Do you want to hear a story? It's the story of an 11-year-old girl who uses a magic crystal to summon the legendary Mayan gods. But her plan backfires, and instead she awakens an ancient evil! With the help of her sister and a 20-foot talking snake, she’ll go on a thrilling journey to save her village and discover her true destiny. For more great shows, visit read less

Our Editor's Take

The Mayan Crystal podcast is an epic adventure story perfect for preteen and middle-school listeners. Full of wonder, magic, Mayan gods, and ancient evils, this story has it all. Make friends with giant boa constrictors, go on epic adventures, and look danger in the face. This podcast is full of brave heroes and a whole lot of fun.

The story takes the form of an audio drama. In it, Aurela battles against Specter and various other opponents to save her village. The story includes all the major aspects of a good adventure tale. Escape from enemies, follow clues, and travel through jungles and ancient cities. The narration style is light, fun, and welcoming.

The voice and story are perfect for younger audiences, and they will feel like they are sharing a story with a friend. It is an imaginative and engrossing experience. The fun never stops whether listeners binge it all at once episode by episode. Part educational and part fun, The Mayan Crystal is an ideal listen for little ears. Listen together as an alternative to story books at bedtime. Parents can share in the fun with their little ones as they uncover a new world of exploration and wonder.

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