205 - Bonus Material

Show Up & Surrender

Apr 20 2022 • 9 mins

Do you ever have an afterthought. When your talk is already over, but you have this thing you wish you'd said or asked? We do! We were lucky to still be in the same space and all we had to do was press record. So here's a little bonus material for you. We would love to hear how you make decisions. Big or small. Do you keep things to yourself until you've made up your mind? Or do you prefer talking things through? Let us know at hello@showupandsurrender! Connect to us: Biddy - www.instagram.com/yogavayunl - www.yogavayu.nl Ely - www.instagram.com/ebsnotebook - www.ebsnotebook.com Find our latest episode where you listen to your podcasts and find all links to us and the things we talked about on our website: www.showupandsurrender.com. Music by Alex Stoner

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