HR Globalization: Ready or Not?

In The Cloud with Game-Changers presented by SAP

Aug 16 2012 • 57 mins

HR globalization. An inevitable challenge as your marketplace changes and new opportunities arise, perhaps in maturing countries. But are you and your employees ready to venture out of your home base comfort zone, to do business among other cultures around the globe? The experts have a lot to say. Emily Jasper: “Globalization is centralizing how we do business, bringing us to a new universal model. Comparative advantage will go to those with emphasis on great talent and innovation, not on geographic boundaries.” China Gorman: “Globalization is first about mindset and second about customers. Absent both of these, organizations won’t be global–they’ll be local with global aspirations. And they won’t be competitive.” Dr. Steven Hunt: “Culture can be used as a convenient excuse for the failure of poorly designed and deployed processes.” Join us for HR Globalization: Ready or Not?