Integrating the Clouds: The perfect storm

In The Cloud with Game-Changers presented by SAP

Jul 26 2012 • 55 mins

Cloud. A handful of applications may give you fast growth, cost-effective innovation, new agility - but siloed, disconnected clouds and on-premise databases won’t talk to each other or to you. What to do? Lauren Nelson / Forrester: “For most enterprises today, cloud environments remain isolated from other cloud and non-cloud environments due primarily to a lack of standards. Looking forward, it will be a combination of vendors, open source initiatives, and standards bodies that will enable this connection.” Nayaki Nayyar / SAP: “As companies evolve from on-premise to cloud applications, integration between OP-OD (on-premise–on-demand) and OD-OD applications will be key for successful cloud deployments. Companies with a solid integration strategy and architecture will evolve to the cloud faster.” Sven Denecken / SAP: “By 2016, 75 percent or more of new enterprise IT spend will be cloud-based or hybrid.” Tune in for more insights on Integrating the Clouds: The perfect storm.