Women In IT: Gender diversity at work

In The Cloud with Game-Changers presented by SAP

Aug 30 2012 • 56 mins

Women in IT. True or false: Gender diversity in the information technology workforce enables better decision making, increased creativity, and innovative performance? We’ll ask the experts. Emily Jasper: “When you talk about women in IT, two different conversations are going on: women in computing roles versus women in leadership. Solutions that address one area may actually hinder the other.” Marilyn Kibler-Colón: “Women are excellent leaders because they understand the business issues and they know how to build relationships and collaborate throughout all levels of the organization to drive and implement the technical solutions.” Sherryanne Meyer: “’There’s no crying in baseball!’ Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan flipping out on right-fielder Evelyn Gardner for costing the team the league.” Tracey Arnish: “As women we must be the masters of our own destiny and we must take ownership for the strengths we bring as transformational leaders.” Join us for Women In IT: Gender diversity at work.