Cloud 3.0: Is It All in the PaaS?

In The Cloud with Game-Changers presented by SAP

Sep 27 2012 • 56 mins

Cloud buzzword of the day: PaaS - platform as a service. With so many so-called best-of-breed software solutions floating around, it feels like we are back in the siloed ‘90s. Industry futurists say that PaaS can tie them all together. So, are you ready to boost your company’s status from mere-mortal best-in-class to first-mover advantage and beyond? Our experts speak: Chris Horak: “Technology is king. Content is King Kong.” Frank Scavo: “You don't get a pass just because you're SaaS. Jon Reed: “It's not about product suites, it's about the platform! Join us for their in-depth insights on Cloud 3.0: Is It All in the PaaS?