Me and My Shadow: IT Gone Rogue – Part 2

In The Cloud with Game-Changers presented by SAP

Aug 23 2012 • 55 mins

Shadow IT. Rogue IT. Call it what you will, it’s still a force lurking outside traditional IT. Our June 14 panel had so much to say that we’re continuing the discussion around these experts’ insights: Steve Romero: “If the business fulfilled its obligation to govern IT, there would be no Shadow IT.” Judson Wickham: “If Shadow IT can provide dashboards and charts that executives can twirl around on their iPad, they don’t care about the source of the information.” Jeff Kaplan: “CIOs are no longer in control of software and technology procurement decisions in their organizations, whether they like it or not.” Greg Chase: “We’ve all heard the complaints from the business: IT is too slow, not aligned with business strategy, at the same time too controlling and inflexible. Really what we need is a redefinition of the relationship between business and IT.” Join us for more on Me and My Shadow: IT Gone Rogue – Part 2. p.s. Take your Coffee Break with Game-Changers every Wed. 8 AM Pacific on the Business Channel.

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