The Importance of Trust in Leadership With Kevin Davis

Winning Strategies Playbook

Jul 13 2021 • 1 hr 33 mins

In this episode(43) of Winning Strategies Playbook, our host and real estate expert Jeremy Spann interviews Kevin Davis for the 2nd time, Vice President of Gameplan, a strategic software company focused on athletes. This episode is all about trust, not only others, but trusting ourselves. Kevin discusses how trust leads to either bad decision making or no decision making at all that leads to being stagnant. Trusting others and yourself allows you to make good decisions in life to consistently move forward. A lot of people find it easier to not trust and therefore stay stagnant in their lives. Listen in for more wise life insights! Here is the link to Kevins’ LinkedIn if you’d like to learn more! ( If you are a new listener to Winning Strategies Playbook, we would love to hear from you.  Please visit our site ( and let us know how we can help you today!