How to do CBD

Understanding CBD with Max and Steven as heard on WCBM Radio

Jun 27 2021 • 43 mins

Special Guest: “How to do the Pot” podcast host, Ellen Lee Scanlon, joins Max & Steven to discuss women’s health and cannabis. Ellen’s mission is to educate and give practical advice to women seeking to understand the benefits of cannabis. Her podcast takes a modern approach to demystifying the plant, exploring its medical benefits, and empowering women to be more confident consumers of cannabis.

Doc G's Corner: Gender bias in medicine exists today despite our modern medical system being the most advanced in the world. Women continue to be overlooked, understudied, ignored or treated like “little men” despite differences in physiology, hormones, liver function, reproductive health, and responses to prescription drugs and supplements such as CBD. Dr. Ben Gonzales encourages women to advocate for themselves in general and specifically in regards to medical treatments and when choosing a physician.

Plus: Walman’s words of Wisdom…Working on your listening skills and becoming a more active listener can improve every area of your life. Mail sack…Scott J. gives his feedback on the benefits of using CBD. From aches and pains dissipating to gastrointestinal issues, anxiety, skin conditions and sleep improving, Scott is thrilled with his results.