Abolishing Medical Marijuana Stigmas and CBD Oil Testimonials

Understanding CBD with Max and Steven as heard on WCBM Radio

Aug 30 2020 • 0 seconds

UnderstandingCBD.com has launched! Visit the site for an all access pass to every episode of our radio show, CBD information and Dr. G’s tips. For this week’s episode, we revisit the stigma of medical marijuana and CBD oil. It still overrides scientific evidence leaving the medical cannabis community without a voice. Thankfully, there are people like this week’s guest, Rita Montoya, J.D. After years of managing her autoimmune disease and involuntary muscular disorder with a collection of doctor prescribed medications that caused issues affecting her family life and career, she sought other options. Today, she shared what she found and how it drove her to advocate for more people like her by creating the Cannabis Patient Advocacy Association (CPAA). Finally, Mailsaaaack brought excitement as we listened to customer testimonials and the ways they use their CBD oil.