Migraines and Headaches and Back Pain, Oh My!

Understanding CBD with Max and Steven as heard on WCBM Radio

Jun 28 2020 • 41 mins

CBD for Migraines? For chronic acute headaches? For back pain? You better believe it! This week on Understanding CBD, Dr. Mary Ann Ley from the Achieve Wellness Center tells us how she talks to her patients about CBD and even sees results within minutes of use right in her office! Oh, she also mentions Max & Steven’s “famous box”, which you won’t want to miss. Doc G tackles migraines and headaches in his “Corner” unit and the three big takeaways for those who suffer from them…(spoiler alert: using CBD is among them!) MAILSAAAAACK touches on topical use of CBD (get it?) and how Zulu (great name BTW) is a much happier dog these days. Oh, and I almost forgot – Max & Steven turn the tables on ME (Gary) and grill ME about what I’VE learned about CBD in the last 18 weeks. You’ll have to listen to see if I passed the audition…