Radio Candy Radio Show #73

The Music Authority LIVE STREAM Show

Aug 5 2022 • 59 mins

Radio Candy Radio Show #73!!!! August is here!  Can Autumn…above the equator, Spring below the equator, be too far off?  And still… The ART Of RADIO is in the hands of renegade online streamers, like ME!!  The way RADIO is SUPPOSED to sound!  Give A Listen!  Like, Download, Comment, Share, Repeat.  Lame-stream radio... Variety...I do not think they TRULY know the meaning of the word!  That’s why I do what I do here... Radio Candy Radio!!!! The Music Authority LIVE STREAM Show & Podcast bringing Power Pop, Rock, Soul, Rhythm & Blues to anyone and everyone who wants to expand their rock and roll radio knowledge!  Shows NOW on Podchaser, Deezer, Amazon Music, Audible, Listen Notes, Google Podcast Manager, Mixcloud, PlayerFM, Stitcher, Tune In, Podcast Addict, Cast Box, Radio Public, Pocket Cast, Apple iTunes Podcasts!!  Please!  Follow me on Twitter JimPrell@TMusicAuthority

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Research and reach out to the bands let them know you heard me playing their songs!

Radio Candy Radio Show #73!!!!

SUPER 8 Music - Music-Authority-Theme

JOHNNY CASINO - 10 Wichita Lineman [Vibrations, Yours And Mine] (Beluga Records)

Kurt Baker- 11 Should've Been the One [After Party] (Wicked Cool Records)

Bill Lloyd (Musician) - 04 I'll Take It From Here [Don't Kill the Messenger] (Whole in One Records)

mylittlebrother - 02 Janey [Howl] (Big Stir Records)

The Greek Theatre - 03_August Streets (Demo) [Demos & Alternative Mixes, Vol 1] (

Nolan Voide - The Music Authority Jingle

Fonda Cash Entertainment - Blue Skies

Vinyl Man Jebb - 02 Clear Yet Blurred [Life By The Dollar - EP] (Robo Jack Records)

Lemon Drop Gang - Georgie [I'm Not the One] (Rum Bar Records)

Bruce Moody - A.M. Romance [Forever Fresh!] (Wizzard In Vinyl, good place for Crystalline and Crunchy Rock Music.)

Natalie Sweet - Lip Service [Oh, By The Way...It's Natalie Sweet] (Rum Bar Records)

@The Long Goodnight - It's Only You

@SoulBird - The Music Authority Jingle

@Fleur - 02_Mon Ami Martien (Bickerton Records)

The Short Fuse - No [Dawn Of The Deaf] (Rum Bar Records)

@SoulBird - 5. Smile So Sad [Sparkledust]

Gone From My Sight - 03 Selfish [Twenty Twenty]

J.P. Cregan - 06 Two Little Words [Twenty]

@FaB - CD2_01_Rebel Spirit [This Wicked Pantomime] (

The Adam Brown - 07 The Law Was Love [What We'll Never Know] (Rum Bar Records)

@Bubble - 09 Bye Bye [Other Broken Dreams]