118 - How to Grow Your Online Business by Spending More Time Offline with Casey Arnold

The Healthpreneur Show with Yuri Elkaim

Jul 4 2018 • 36 mins

Welcome back to another awesome episode of the Healthpreneur Podcast! Today I’m excited to present Casey Arnold of Casey Arnold Nutrition. She inspires clients, athletes, coaches, and groups to live their best and most empowered life. We are similar in that we both believe in the importance of in-person connection.

After having realized how physically disconnected we are to one another in this digital age, Casey made it her mission to ensure she connects individually with her team and clients. Although this often means Zoom calls, she finds it necessary to see faces and shake hands whenever possible. Her ability to genuinely connect with people has been her key to success.

Casey nailed it in terms of her thoughts on connection, people-pleasing, and coaching. In short, we’ve got to connect face-to-face, we can’t expect to grow if we’re too concerned about what other people think, and having a coach will massively shortcut your path to success. Period. Tune in to hear Casey break down mindset, vulnerability, and struggle, and learn how to get your ego to step aside so you can step up.

In this episode, Casey and I discuss:

  • How we seem to be more disconnected than ever.
  • Why a lack of in-person connection will hinder your growth.
  • How she manages her team and connects with her clients.
  • Why people-pleasing gets you nowhere.
  • How having a coach changed the game for her business.
  • The mindset needed to move the needle.

3:00 – 9:00 - Casey’s journey and the importance of in-person connection

9:00 – 16:00 - How a lack of connection impacts your business

16:00 – 21:30 - Incorporating connection with your team and clients into your mission

21:00 – 27:00 - Vulnerability, struggle, and growth over ego, and people-pleasing to destruction

27:00 – 30:30 - The reason why there’s no excuse not to have a coach or mentor

30:30 – 33:00 - The Rapid Five