#26 - Shame, Compassion and Acceptance with Malachy Dunne

The Self Development Podcast

Oct 5 2021 • 57 mins

On this episode of The Self Development Podcast, Johnny speaks with the founder of Lifetime Therapy, Counsellor, Educator, Columnist & Entrepreneur, Malachy Dunne.

This is an incredible special episode for Johnny as Malachy has helped him work through some extremely difficult childhood trauma and has supported him to get to a place of, previously thought to be unachievable, acceptance.

Malachy speaks around his experiences, beliefs and understanding of acceptance, addiction, anxiety and trauma.

Malachy Dunne has a remarkable and brilliant mind and his sage-like views can be hard hitting if you are not ready to hear them.

It’s time to sit back under the learning tree of Malachy Dunne....

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