Blurry Vision Risks the Mission (Why Good Jobs Go Bad: Part 1)

Today with Purpose

Sep 18 2023 • 6 mins

This is the first episode in a series entitled, Why Good Jobs Go Bad.

In this episode, Harvey Ramer explores the importance of aligning with a company's mission for job satisfaction and effective performance. He delves into the necessity of clear communication and self-awareness in connecting daily tasks to an organization's broader goals.

  1. The Importance of Mission Alignment: Being effective as an employee requires adopting the company's mission as your own. Shared values and coordinated efforts depend on clear expectations and a shared vision.

  2. The Role of Leadership: Leaders must communicate their goals clearly to help team members engage more fully in their daily work. A compelling mission can make all the difference.

  3. Personal Experience: Harvey shares a personal story about how getting glasses changed his perspective, drawing a parallel to how a clear mission can bring a new focus to your work life.

  4. Questions to Ask: If you're unsure about how your daily tasks contribute to the company's mission, it's crucial to ask questions. This not only clarifies your role but also provides valuable feedback to leadership.

  5. Self-Accountability: Take the initiative to see how your work fits into the bigger picture. This proactive approach can make your work more fulfilling.

  6. Feedback and Adaptation: Regularly seek constructive criticism and use it to align better with the company's mission.

Read the full article, Blurry Vision Risks the Mission, here.

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