Finding the Purpose of Work (Should It be Intrinsically Motivating?)

Today with Purpose

Sep 4 2023 • 7 mins

Episode Summary

In this episode, we explore the complexities of finding purpose in work. We discuss the diverse paths to career success and how our unique values, interests, and aspirations shape our professional lives. We also delve into the importance of mindset, emotional resilience, and planning for the future.

Key Points

  • The concept of career satisfaction is not one-size-fits-all.
  • The influence of social media and podcasting on career choices.
  • The contrasting perspectives on what constitutes a rewarding career.
  • The role of mindset in finding joy and purpose in work.
  • Strategies for building career resilience.


  • "Wherever you go, there you are." - Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • "Sometimes the path to fulfillment requires only minor changes in our vocation, but it always hinges on a clear, compelling mission."

Strategies for Building Career Resilience

  1. Embrace a Mindset Shift for Security: Focus on what you can control, such as your performance and skills, to create a sense of security.
  2. Build Emotional Resilience: Adapt to changes and challenges to maintain a positive outlook and stay focused on your goals.
  3. Plan for Multiple Scenarios: Have a contingency plan to navigate the uncertainties of at-will employment.

Closing Thoughts

Before making any radical changes to your career, it's crucial to ask yourself what truly matters to you. Sometimes, the path to fulfillment doesn't require a complete career overhaul but a shift in mindset and minor adjustments.

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