Pay the price and win the reward like a champion

Today with Purpose

Mar 26 2023 • 5 mins

When I am in the middle of a project, sometimes I feel like I am losing my bearings, and my energy starts to fade. The clarity with which I began the work falters, and I search for external validation of the unfinished work. I question if I should continue. Will all this work have any impact in the end? Perhaps you experience this too. If so, let me remind you of a simple truth. It takes commitment to complete anything worth doing.

Persisting through the middle of a project is simple but never easy. If you’re in the middle of a challenge, hanging onto four common-sense ideas will get you through. Read the whole article here: ⁠Pay the Price and Win the Reward like a Champion To receive Monday Motivation by email, ⁠sign up at the FlareMark website⁠.

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