Not Really That Dangerous

Mike Proctor

Take a dive into kingdoms of color

An actual play D and D 5th edition podcast. We are a small group of Dungeons and Dragons hobbyists who have played together for a couple of years. We wanted to record our adventures to share with the world. We are still fairly new to the game and roleplaying. Trying to get better every week. This is a completely original concept and setting. Thank you for listening!

Set in the world of Prisma, where magic lives within the land itself. The people live and breathe within the image of the Titans of Creation. Representing each color of the spectrum. Color isn't the only thing these creators bestowed into the world. Sometimes the object of your imagination is the very thing that spells your demise. Our party adventures to stop a maniacal king from conquering the world. Meeting new friends, finding treasure, and battling against the forces of darkness. Join us for some epic moments, silly jokes, and all-around fun as we dive into the world of Prisma and its inhabitants.

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All of our music is by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under Creative Commons using the Standard License ( Kevin is a really talented musician and has a ton of works in various different genres.

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