Modern Alchemy with James & Bersabeh Ray

James & Bersabeh Ray

Greetings and thank you for stopping by the Modern Alchemy Podcast. With your hosts James and Bear, you will hear real, unfiltered conversation about Modern Alchemy. Are you ready to learn the psychology and the strategies to literally transmute mind and matter to take your power back? Then get a drink and settle in but brace yourselves, because things are about to become real. Not turning base metal into gold literally Taking something difficult and using it. Turning tough times into learning and growth times. Pain into power. All true alchemy is mental alchemy!

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How to Transmute Chaos into Order
How to Transmute Chaos into OrderBreakdowns precede BreakthroughsTransmute Frustration into FulfillmentHave a schedule and stick to it (Sister principle of Time Alchemy)Time AlchemyWhat is Alchemy?