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Ep 8: From Naval Aviation to Pharma with Harriet Johnson
Mar 28 2023
Ep 8: From Naval Aviation to Pharma with Harriet Johnson
How does a woman in a male-dominated military field develop a leadership voice, and how does that translate to corporate work? You’ll learn more during today’s interview with Harriet Johnson. Harriet earned a Navy scholarship to afford school outside of her home state of Georgia. She went to Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts, then went on to active duty in the Navy for 12 years as a helicopter pilot and staff officer, and then served an additional 5 years as a reserve officer. She's been in pharma now for over eight years, mostly in manufacturing at large- and medium-sized companies. Listen to the episode to learn more about how she made it through difficult experiences, how military leadership translates to her current work life, and a bit about Harriet's personal experiences through this time. Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode: Harriet’s background and how she got to this point in her careerHarriet's many destinations throughout her lifeHarriet’s time as a female helicopter pilot of a Seahawk helicopterHarriet’s challenges in finding her way in the tactical squadronHow Harriet found her leadership voice as a pilotHow Harriet kept her head up through difficult experiencesA decision Harriet wishes she hadn’t madeWhat leadership was like in the military, and how that leadership translates to her home and work life nowThe differences between a military experience and a corporate experienceHarriet’s callsignIdeas for someone who's growing in their career Resources: Harriet Johnson