Fast Car with Brenda Harrington

5 Things In 15 Minutes The Podcast: Bringing Good Vibes to DEI

Feb 13 2024 • 21 mins

Brenda Harrington, PCC (she/her), founder of Adaptive Leadership Strategies LLC, and I recap the latest 5 Things (good vibes in DEI). This week our conversation is about the 49ers Black Excellence Collection, Lyft’s commitment to driver pay, and more!

Here are this week's good vibes:

  1. 49ERS Launch Black Excellence Collection
  2. Poker Power for Women+
  3. Lyft Takes Care of Its Drivers
  4. m.m.lafleur Dresses Women Candidates
  5. Apple to Achieve Gender Balance on Its Board

This week's Call to Action:

It’s Black History Month! Support small businesses with this list of 21 Businesses Owned by Black Women and Non-Binary Folx.

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