Waking Up - A Balanced View. Adrian Stephens

Being Yoga with Michael Daly

Feb 11 2021 • 1 hr 13 mins

In this episode I speak with Adrian Stephens of Balanced View about how to have a more happy, peaceful and free life by accessing the power of awareness.  We talk about meeting a common teacher, Candace O'Denver, in India in 2005 and share our experience of something magical 'waking up' inside us at this time.

Adrian talks about some of the simple principles and tools you can use right now to start feeling better and enjoying more of the short moments of your life with ease and openness.  Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed, successful or happy, every human being can discover a natural state of open intelligence and awareness within the midst of all their life experiences.

Adrian is a teacher with Balanced View, a global grass roots movement of empowering people to live with freedom and benefit.

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