Clearing Negative Emotions Through Mindfulness - Simon Timm

Being Yoga with Michael Daly

Mar 11 2021 • 53 mins

Would you like to be able to understand, clear and be free from those old negative emotions that keep surfacing and holding you back in life?  This weeks guest is Simon Timm.  Simon has a Masters in Religion from Yale University and also lived as a monk for 16 years before realising that all his years of meditation hadn't really touched the surface of his deeper negative emotions.

Simon says that rather than resolve the negative emotions that live in the heart we often repress them and we do this for a number of reasons.  He says that to begin with they pretty much suck so nobody really wants to deal with all that discomfort!  We're often ashamed of having certain feelings and as a result we disprove of them.  Perhaps the biggest challenge people have in dealing with negative emotions is that we just haven't found a way to process them effectively.

Simon tells us that many of our surface emotions aren't the real issue and that we need to get underneath these to find out what's driving behaviour.  He suggests that many of the negative states we experience aren't really resolvable because they are just the surface.

In this episode we discuss Simon's new method of mindfulness that has three main steps that he calls the Eagle, the Lion and the Moose.

Simon has published a new book called An Introduction to The Self Salutation:  How to Resolve Negative Emotions Through Mindfulness.