The Pain and The Promise of 2020. Michael Daly

Being Yoga with Michael Daly

Dec 17 2020 • 41 mins

After a whirlwind of a year, Michael pauses to reflect on the pain, struggles and challenges of 2020.  I talk about how all of the world events can help us better understand the basic human condition that is at the root of everything we are experiencing.  I discuss some of the trends of the year including conspiracy theories, politics and Covid.

Out of pain comes great possibilities and I discuss how most of our growth in life stems from challenges and adversity.  It's timely to remember that there are always opportunities to reframe your experiences, see things in a different light and take the positive resources even in darkest times.

From a more spiritual perspective, all of this endless and rapid change can be seen against the backdrop of a bigger picture.  That timeless jewel of being that can be discovered within every human is the only possible antidote to uncertainty.  In tasting the nectar of pure freedom within, everything else can be experienced more as a dance of energies rather than hard fixed realities.  This allows you to ride the wave of  your life, stay centred and calm and actually find ways to be of increasing benefit even when the chips are down.

Thanks for listening the the Being Yoga Podcast in 2020.  I am taking a few weeks to rest and rejuvenate.  I look forward to catching you all again for more great discussions in 2021.