Somatic Movement Therapy and The Freedom Model - Angela Howard

Being Yoga with Michael Daly

Mar 24 2021 • 1 hr 11 mins

What does freedom mean to you?  In your body, your mind and your emotions there are ways to move, think and feel that can liberate you or hold you back.  In this episode Angela Howard discusses the many levels of freedom.  We talk about Somatic Movement Therapy and the powerful way the  body speaks to us if we know how to listen.

We talk about what it means to live from your strengths rather than manage your weaknesses.  We talk about the Clifton Strengths which is an assessment of your own personal strengths and which you can take on the website below.

We talk about the power of finding your voice and allowing the authentic expression of who you truly are to be let out fearlessly into the world.  You have a message and it's time everyone heard it!

Angela Howard has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Masters in International Business and Finance.  She is a somatic movement therapist, life coach and movitational speaker.  She created Wild Heart Expressive in 2020 to motivate and support people in their personal evolution.


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