Developing SaaS Platforms and Products That Provide Solutions with Mitch Russo

Innovations and Breakthroughs

Dec 16 2021 • 29 mins

Mitch Russo is the CEO of MindfulGuidance. He built one of the earliest and most successful software enterprises in the 1980s, which he sold to Sage and ran as COO with a team of more than 300 people. Since then, he has dedicated himself to helping numerous entrepreneurs grow their businesses in addition to founding several successful ventures of his own. Among his successes is his partnership with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes, Business Breakthroughs International. Together, they created a phenomenally successful business while serving countless entrepreneurs.

Mitch is the author of the best-selling books, The Invisible Organization and Power Tribes. He has also been featured in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and more.

In this episode…

Developments in technology have provided great opportunities for entrepreneurs, especially for those in the SaaS development space. However, failure to embrace new technology or a delay in acting quickly enough can mean that entrepreneurs have to deal with obsolete software.

This is the situation Mitch Russo found himself in when a sudden change in technology made his software outdated overnight. He, however, decided to immediately switch gears and create a software for lawyers. The result? A $10 million company.

Mitch Russo, the CEO of MindfulGuidance, is Rich Goldstein's guest in this episode of the Innovations and Breakthroughs Podcast, where he talks about his early entry into software development and the lessons he learned about the SaaS model. Mitch also talks about his ClientFol.io software platform and explains how pivoting helped him build a seven-figure business. Stay tuned.