Bridging the Gap: Real Estate for Women

Atara Twersky

Bridging the Gap: Real Estate for Women is a real estate podcast created for women. I am Atara Twersky, a securities attorney and Real Estate owner, sponsor and syndicator from NYC. My podcast goal is to assist professional women and empower them to understand the true potential of real estate investing so that they have the necessary tools to make informed choices. Real Estate is one of the most reliable and profitable asset classes (much more so than the volatile stock market and much wiser than having your money remain stagnant in the bank). The POWER OF TIME is invaluable and when women can earn passive income simply by investing in other people’s real estate ventures women can accumulate enough wealth to free up their TIME to do the things they love to do and wear the multiple hats we do as women. Real estate investing as an industry is dominated by men, but it doesn’t have to be. I am here to propel women into this arena and help BRIDGE THE GAP! read less