012. How to Feel Motivated When You Are Tired

Teaching to the TOP

Mar 19 2020 • 32 mins

We pack our bags at the end of a school day with full intentions of grading the quizzes from math class that day, reading the novel that you just started with your group, or cutting out the circles that you need for tomorrow’s craft in science.

You take the treacherous walk to your car carrying your backpack, lunchbox, purse and now a bag filled with things to do. You drive up to your home and you suddenly feel this overwhelming feeling of tiredness. You still have so much to do, but instead of taking the actionable items out of your teacher bag you flop on your couch and turn Netflix on. It is so much easier to avoid the things we have because let’s face it, it’s not like you’ve been working all day *note the sarcasm. However, not getting the tasks done in our bags only leaves us stressed out and overwhelmed.


[4:01] TIP #1: Reflect on your WHY

[6:44] TIP #2: Write the things you need to do down

[10:33] TIP #3: Start with one small thing

[12:38] TIP #4: Reduce distractions and change your scenery

[15:29] TIP #5: Surround yourself with things you enjoy

[19:01] TIP #6: Set a timer and work for that set amount of time

[22:12] TIP #7: Take short breaks

[24:23] TIP #8: Plan a reward for yourself

[28:01] TIP #9: Get active

[29:55] TIP #10: And if all else fails, take a power nap


Motivation can be difficult to find, but hopefully one or more of these tips help to inspire you to try and build the willpower to accomplishing that pesky tasks on your to-do list. Even if you are feeling completely defeated, try and find something that inspires you. Remember, we have all been there at one point in our lives; just know that there is a brighter side to the end of the rainbow.

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