Waterline Article #9: In and Out-Groups are Natural but Dangerous

The Rooftop Podcast

Jul 1 2022 • 13 mins

WATERLINE ARTICLE #9: In and Out-Groups are Natural but Dangerous.

Have you noticed how in-groups and out-groups are everywhere you look? This is bonding trust behavior which is natural - but in these times of low trust and churn, it is being used negatively and we are reverting back to our primal behavior. As a nation, it is necessary that we fight the churn and have a bridging trust mentality. Join Scott this week as he discusses why it’s so important as leaders to not only learn how to bridge beyond your own in-groups but to also exemplify this behavior as well.


In 1917, T.E. Lawrence, who you might know as Lawrence of Arabia overthrew the Ottoman Turks in WWI in modern-day Iraq and Syria, using strategic human connections at the local level. He did so by going into tribal environments and creating a level of trust that unified various tribes around one thing that they could all agree on through storytelling of ‘what could be.’ He wanted to help others who followed behind him do the same so he wrote The 27 Articles to share with them.

Scott has taken these Lawrencian skills and adapted them to the Rooftop Leadership methodology and in this series will share the 27 Waterline Articles for the Rooftop Leader with you so that you are better equipped to lead through the disengagement, distrust, and distraction brought on by prolonged isolation, low trust, and uncertainty. If you’ll lean into these and integrate them into your life and business, you will be more attuned to the people you lead and be able to look at human behavior in a new way that allows you to lead at a higher level.

You can read the original 27 Articles by T.E. Lawrence here: https://wwi.lib.byu.edu/index.php/The_27_Articles_of_T.E._Lawrence

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