OPE: One Year Later (Part 5)(ft. Hasina Safi and Kelley Currie)

The Rooftop Podcast

Sep 2 2022 • 50 mins

This week on the ‘OPE: One Year Later’ series, Scott had the honor of sitting down with Hasina Safi and Kelley Currie. Hasina has served as the former Minister of Women’s Affairs in Afghanistan and Kelley as a former US Representative and the former Ambassador for Women’s Global Affairs. Once they connected, they began working closely together in their efforts to help Afghan women. And since the US abandonment of Afghanistan, they have worked together to ensure Hasina's safety from the Taliban. Join Scott, Hasina, and Kelley for this powerful episode with two phenomenal women and leaders to hear their stories.


In August of 2021, the United States Government officially withdrew from Afghanistan leaving hundreds of thousands of at-risk Afghans vulnerable to Taliban brutality. Immediately, the impact of this moral injury was apparent on out Afghan allies and veteran populations with many of them left behind to deal with the aftermath that no one was coming.

Scott and a team of combat veterans began to leverage their network of relationships to provide safe passage and ultimately relocation of hundreds of at-risk Afghans. Scott now has the opportunity to share the story of those Afghan Allies who made it out and of those who are still fighting their way to safety today, alongside many of the extraordinary men and women who made this possible. In this podcast series, Scott sits down with some of the members of Pineapple Express to share their stories and reflect on where we are one year later after the collapse of Afghanistan.


“Finding Meaning in the Madness of War”

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“Chaos in Kabul”

“Operation Pineapple: Deadline”

“Afghan Bombing” Operation Pineapple Continues”

“Punching Above Your Weight”

Operation Pineapple Express: https://operationpineappleexpress.com/
Operation Pineapple Express Relief: https://operelief.org

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