6 Week Mindfulness Course

Mindful Life Podcast

May 25 2022 • 37 mins

Shared from the anceint spiritual Peruvian teachings of KaTaSee, it is my intention throughout this course is to share some of these special teachings to help you begin to remove the false beliefes that keep you disconnected from your truth, from your power, and from the fullness of who and what you are.

This is the first of 6 recorded sessions. This course was originally recorded live on Zoom, so keep in mind that the Q&A and sharing portion is not included in this recording. If you would like to continue listening to this series, choose from one of my Patreon tiers.

*Special thanks to Kay Whitaker and Helmut Wahrmann-Whitaker for passing these beautiful teachings on to the world. You can find out more about KaTaSee Here.

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