S1 E32 Cure For The Common Life - Simplifying Your Life to Supercharge Your Brain Power, With Neuroscientist, Award-Winning Author & Medical Doctor, Dr. Tara Swart

Further Faster with Joseph McClendon III

Mar 24 2021 • 30 mins

Today I am joined by fellow neuroscientist, award-winning author of the best-selling book “The Source,” medical doctor, and lecturer at MIT Sloan, Dr. Tara Swart.

From teaching the tools to achieve peak brain performance to inspirational insights to empower your emotional resiliency, today’s episode will provide you with simple tools you can use to begin improving your brain, right this very moment.

As an expert in neuroplasticity, Dr. Tara has transformed the mental wellness of magnificent people all across the globe, (with translations in 36 languages!), and is here to share her tactics with YOU, as she illuminates how understanding the plasticity of your brain can make it more malleable to your motivations for change.

Have you ever wondered if implementing routine in your life might maximize your productivity, and make your brain more efficient?

Today, Tara will reveal just that, as well as the practical methods you may utilize in order to capitalize on the adaptability of your own brain to take you further, faster into a future filled with fulfillment, and feeling freaking MAGNIFICENT!

Tune into Episode 32 of Cure For The Common Life to hear more!

In this episode you will learn: Some background on Tara Swart (1:14) What inspired Tara into a profession in neuroscience (2:49) The 5 step, simple process Tara teaches people to use their brain to make their life better (4:32) A few of the best foods for your brain (5:28) What you can do between Zoom meetings to refresh and reset your brain (7:12) How simplifying your life can supercharge your brain power (7:36) A few basic, brain-healthy principles of neuroplasticity that can simplify your life, and set you up for success (9:56) Two tools I share to help you hold yourself accountable (16:19) The greatest takeaway I experienced in my brain scanning session with my partner, Dr. Daniel Amen (21:46) Tara’s final words of wisdom on how to go further, faster (28:25).

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Website: TaraSwart.com

Instagram: @DrTaraSwart

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