Austen Allred (Co-Founder of Lambda School)

The Startup Life

Oct 29 2018 • 35 mins

Is the way we pay for higher institution learning about to fundamentally change? One founder surly thinks so!

In this episode of The Startup Life, we talk to Austen Allred, Co-Founder of Lambda School. He shares with us his early beginnings in Utah and selling things on eBay. Next, he shares with us how one of his greatest challenges was understating the importance of instructional design in the beginning. Lastly, before the break, he shares with us that students at Lambda school not only learn how to code but they also go through a financial boot camp to help prepare them for the salaries they receive with their new found skill.

After the break, Austen discusses why he has to sometimes turn downs students and why its no fun. Later he shares his view on being an entrepreneur and commentating on social issues. Lastly, he shares with us his superpower.

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