How This Veteran Journalist is Reinventing Meal Delivery with Tatiana Boncompagni of Eat Sunny

The Next Big Thing

Mar 17 2021 • 58 mins

Tatiana Boncompagni is the founder of Eat Sunny, a meal delivery service that focuses on organic and chef-prepared delicious meals that are a complete game-changer when it comes to convenience and health. She joins Sam on the show to talk about how she pivoted from her work as a veteran wellness and beauty writer and used that experience to build Eat Sunny. Tatiana opens up about some of the challenges she faced when launching Eat Sunny, and how the company empowers its customers by allowing them to thrive with meals that provide all the flexibility in the world with no compromise on taste. What You Will Discover This Week: Eat Sunny isn’t your typical meal delivery service. It is thoughtfully crafted to provide organic and super nutritious seasonal meals that can also be frozen and saved for later. Tatiana is a customer first. She discusses why she loves the Mediterranean diet as a lifestyle, and how Eat Sunny was made for sustainability and ease. Eat Sunny, as a company, seeks to empower women, give them confidence, and help make healthy eating even easier. Tatiana is proud of Eat Sunny and where the company is now, but they certainly had to overcome some challenges. How Tatiana shifted from being a veteran journalist writing for many top magazines to deciding she wanted to launch and maintain a bootstrap company. Why Tatiana chose these three values for the meals that Eat Sunny provides: boosting immunity, boosting beauty, and providing immense satisfaction. More behind the Eat Sunny brilliant branding to make you feel bright, natural, and comfortable. As Tatiana knows from her magazine days, images matter! Eat Sunny has made a commitment to help their community at all times, but now more than ever while we are in the middle of the pandemic. Mentioned: (Eat Sunny) (Eat Sunny Instagram)