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The Unplugged Alpha is a show hosted by Richard Cooper (Entrepreneurs in Cars). In this show, he takes calls and questions from people BEFORE they make really bad choices in life. read less
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0104 -  Keeping Her Obsessed With You
Sep 26 2023
0104 - Keeping Her Obsessed With You
Hello, Rich. Normally, I’m not the type of person who would reach out with a question like this, but I need some clarity. I’m a big fan of your channel, and what I like about the way you present your information is you do so in a completely objective, matter-of-fact manner without any biases or emotion. However, I’ve been dating a woman for the past 3 months, and it seems like she’s the perfect fit for me. This is some thing that not only has never happened to me before, but I never expected it would happen at all. I’m 36, she’s 31, and both of us know we never want to have any children and we’re on the same page with regards to pretty much every aspect of life, including hobbies, political views, ambitions, personal tastes, etc. This feels like the she’s the right person at the right time. Like most people, I’ve had crushes, felt infatuation, and I’ve experienced sexual urges, but this is something completely different. Whenever we spend time together, it’s always great conversation, great sex, and an overall comfort level I’ve never felt. My question is what would you recommend as far as a long-term situation that does not involve marriage? I truly believe this woman is special and I don’t want to lose her. However, I have read your book, and I’m extremely red pill aware, especially as it pertains to the potential pitfalls awaiting a man if he chooses to get married. I would really appreciate your perspective on this and thank you for taking the time.
0102 - Helping an Incel Attract a Girlfriend
Sep 14 2023
0102 - Helping an Incel Attract a Girlfriend
Our guest will be live with me during this show, his subject line reads "Help attracting a girlfriend and self improvement" he writes: Hi Rich, I’ve watched a lot of your content and while I’m not a deep follower of the red pill, I’m certainly interested in becoming the most ideal man I can be and I’m glad you support men. I found red pill years ago and realized how important status and confidence is for maintaining attraction. I understand hypergamy. I used to be more naive but still I get oneitis a lot. the reason I’m requesting a video is because I need clarity on my situation. I want to remain productive and not sulk, though my romantic failure can consume me. Without divulging too much, I’m 23, a graduate student at a good university in the U.S. who in their free time enjoys hiking and photography, travel, and biking. I have money saved but my main priority is education not business as my school is all paid for since my family is fairly well-off. I’m going to enter a career in politics and/ or city and environmental planning and I spent the last year or two gaining internship experience. I’ll let you assess my life based on my socials. More photos of me are in the story reels and as you can see I like travel. For years I’ve been balancing chasing my education and professional goals with trying to attract a woman. I have been looking for a relationship for years, I’ve been on 20+ first dates and asked out countless women through apps/ social media/ campus approaches but I’ve had a really high rejection rate. I know it’s my fault, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I have kissed a few but I’ve never been in a relationship and am celibate. Recently rejected by an attractive woman I liked after two dates because “no chemistry” even though I thought we were compatible. Women I’ve struck up conversation with and taken out on dates (coffee, nice restaurants, bookstores, beaches etc), have told me I’m not shy and I like talking to you, I make them laugh or it seems ok but always end up rejected. The women I’ve liked have come in all body types, taller and shorter than me (though prefer taller), different passions, my age to a decade older, and varying life plans, though ideally I would want a goal-oriented woman. I don’t want kids. I’m 5’6 and thinly built. I don’t lift weights but I do cardio every week. I feel frustrated. I want direction from someone who is successful so I turned to you to gain insight from a red pill perspective. Perhaps people in the comments can share as well. Thank you for your time and encouragement.