Experiences from a Remote Internship Program


Oct 7 2020 • 30 mins

This year, Dev Technology was prepared for a class of six interns as part our Internship Program. But then everything went remote, and we had to adjust. Our Intern Leadership Team was quick to make changes for a successful program. John and Adam bring our Intern Leadership Team and our class of interns on this episode of DevCast to hear directly from them on topics including:

  • Key aspects of the program that enabled a good experience for the interns
  • What it was like to work remotely as a new intern
  • The most valuable aspects of their experience
  • How their education prepared them for their internship
  • How they will apply what their learned to their classes this year

Guests on this episode include:

  • Ariana Snyder, Talent Acquisition Business Partner
  • Gina Blacutt, Human Resources Specialist
  • Casey Acosta, Business Analyst
  • Bethany Hsiao, Project Intern
  • Roshan Mathew, Project Intern
  • Chelsea LeSage, Project Intern
  • Kurtis Miles, IT Support Intern
  • Bianca Cifelli, Business Operations and Business Development Intern
  • Sam Kobayashi, Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Intern