SPECIAL EPISODE: Kieran Beer and Dr. Justine Walker

Sanctions Space

Feb 22 2021 • 24 mins

‘The use of sanctions has grown incredibly, the complexity of sanctions, the reach of US person globally, the use of secondary sanctions – these are all elements which have just escalated continually over recent years, and that has resulted in some pushback from other jurisdictions’ In this special episode, our two ACAMS podcasts meet - Financial Crime Matters and the Sanctions Space. Justine and Kieran discuss the unprecedented scale and pace of change of sanctions in 2020, key trends we are likely to see in the sanctions space over the coming year, and the Biden administration’s potential approach to key regimes such as China, Iran, and North Korea. Interested to learn more about Sanctions? Join our Global Sanctions Summit next week: https://www.acams.org/en/events/conferences/sanctions-space-summit