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SWE #13 NFTs with Houston Howard
SWE #13 NFTs with Houston HowardSWE #12 The Come Up with Ireon Roach and Justin Burns
Join us, writer/creator Justin Burns, and actress Ireon Roach as we explore their story world of The Come Up!  Winner of best dramatic pilot and best dramatic actress at Catalyst Content Festival, The Come Up is a unique limited series following three Chicago high schoolers who use slam poetry to navigate their increasingly complicated lives. Inspired by the creator and cast's time going to high school together in Chicago Public Schools, this inspiring character study offers a glimpse into the mental states of teenagers struggling to find themselves in a city where it's easy to be lost.Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/1DSUHacpMYI The power of this story is in how this group of friends band together through tragedy, finding their strength in their voices through slam poetry.  We often forget the stress there is on a high schooler, especially one who is under constant threat of school closings, teacher walk outs, and other budgetary issues that have nothing to do with them.  As we dove into the world, we were able to identify mental health and communities in Chicago already engaged in slam poetry went hand in hand in building their audience. It was a great, Chicago-focused episode!Follow them:Socials: @thecomeupchi#TheComeUp #CPS #highschool #drama #awardwinning #catalystfestival #CatalystFestival2021 #storyworld #storytelling #transmedia #collectivejourney #artists #creatives #worldbuilder #producers #indie #newconcepts #storyworldexplorersSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/storyworldexplorers)
Jan 21 2022
1 hr 2 mins
SWE #11 Ultraman with Jeff Gomez
Jan 7 2022
52 mins
SWE #10 Lake Effect Collab with Dominique Jessen, Sarah White, & Sara Jumper
Dec 21 2021
57 mins
SWE #9 F.A.M. with Anthony E. WilliamsSWE #8 Canusa Street with Zack Morrison
Join us and creator Zack Morrison as we explore his story world, Canusa Street! Canusa Street is a 30-minute comedy series written specifically for network tv, much like a Parks and Rec.  The story takes place in an absurd small town cut in half by the Vermont/Quebec border following a jaded US Border Patrol attempts to solve local cases while maintaining a fierce rivalry with her twin sister in the Canadian Mounties.This pilot explores the absurdity of the small town which is split in half by the Canada/US border.  Throughout much of its history the border didn’t matter, but after the 9/11 attacks the border began to be enforced.  This forcibly highlighted the differences between being an American and Canadian in a town where your neighbors, even half of your house, may be on the other side of the border.  Cansua Street aims to showcase the small differences between everyone that we take such pride in, but ultimately don’t mean anything.We spoke about these strange hills we choose to die on, came up with Zack’s TikTok and podcast strategy, and had a bunch of laughs about an underground poutine speakeasy. Follow Zack: Website: https://www.zackmorrison.comPrevious work: Everything's Fine: A Panic Attack in D Major - https://vimeo.com/342875021 Canusa Poster Art designed by Connor Simpson #canusastreet #comedy #border #pilot #catalyst #catalystcontent #storyworld #storytelling #transmedia #collectivejourney #artists #creatives #worldbuilder #producers #indie #newconcepts #storyworldexplorersSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/storyworldexplorers)
Nov 12 2021
1 hr 9 mins
SWE #7 Forever Has Fallen with Kimon Lycos
Join us and creator Kimon Lycos as we dive into his story world, Forever Has Fallen!  Forever Has Fallen is an action-thriller podcast series, that sends you into an immersive story world full of online escape rooms, character interaction, fun challenges and digital rewards.You’re a bounty hunter, looking for the truth behind a murder and escalating crimes against humanity. The prime suspect is tech billionaire Karl-Axel Mattiasson, whose global empire The Forever Social, delivered digital immortality to millions of people. Now all those lives are lost, and he is on the run. With humanity grieving and billions of dollars missing, powerful forces converge to wipe him out as he plots his revenge from a secret lair.Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/LCBAUlV4d0YListen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/swe-6-story-and-horse-with-hilary-adams/id1503626990?i=1000533271193Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5K3hWkSOeHqm0NqfRsRQzjThis story world takes place in the not to distant future, exploring themes and situations of a world much like George Orwell did in “1984”.  Should we be immortalized digitally should it become available?  We spoke on this, explored the decentralized storytelling method of the first season, and much more!Login to your Forever Social account and come join the conversation… if it’s still there!Follow Forever Has Fallen:https://foreverhasfallen.com/#foreverhasfallen #bountyhunter #mystery #immortality #interactive #storyworld #storytelling #transmedia #collectivejourney #artists #creatives #worldbuilder #producers #indie #newconcepts #storyworldexplorersSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/storyworldexplorers)
Sep 24 2021
1 hr 2 mins
SWE #6 Story and Horse with Hilary AdamsSWE #5 The Iron Leech with Neal O'Bryan & Chad ThurmanSWE #4 Super Story with Houston Howard
This week’s guest is our new friend, Houston Howard!  Houston Howard is an entrepreneur, creator, producer, professor, author, speaker and thought-leader in the space of multiplatform, transmediated entertainment — or what he simply calls, Super Story.  Driven by a passion and desire to build generational IP that leverages both narrative velocity and brand scalability, Houston has created Super Story IP and multiplatform strategy for the likes of Fox, CBS, Mattel, Disney Imagineering, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Wizards of the Coast, West Coast Customs, Slinky and more. Houston has published three books focused on process of creating transmediated entertainment, including his most recent and most successful, You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Story.We spoke about how transmedia storytelling benefits investors, the audience, and the creators.  How transmedia makes business sense to those not in the entertainment business, like private equity investors. We also spoke about the “game” that’s being played in Hollywood and how having a transmedia plan to gain audience for your IP helps you win it.It’s a must listen for any creative trying to get a series or film created and distributed.Follow Houston:Website: http://superstory.worksBook: http://tinyurl.com/ygnabsWorkbook: http://tinyurl.com/ygnabw Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-super-story-podcast/id1508634493#superstory #houstonhoward #distribution #hollywood #storyworld #storytelling #transmedia #collectivejourney #artists #creatives #worldbuilder #showrunner #screenwriters #producers #indie #newconcepts #storyworldexplorers Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/storyworldexplorers)
Jul 16 2021
1 hr 15 mins
SWE #3 Millennium Exile with Ty Hanson
This week’s guest is our new friend, Ty Hanson, and his story world, Millennium Exile!  Ty describes himself as an average Aussie guy, looking to collaborate with licensing companies and Japanese Anime studios to produce an authentic Anime hit!Millennium Exile is a story world in a fantasy universe steeped in lore and magic. Our main character, Vincent, is a short-tempered orphan, blessed with a super-human strength and living on the streets of the Ryuuga Ghettos. One fateful day, he is confronted by a man more powerful than himself and recruited into the ranks of GRAVE; a secret anti-terrorist organization whose members also possess strange abilities.  Situations become more complicated when an entity known as the Wrath is awakened and enters Vincent's body. Now having to come to terms with his new and deadly powers, Vincent is thrust headfirst into a world he never knew existed.  However, when an ancient, cannibalistic demon surfaces from the shadows of history and leads an army on the world, it falls to the members of GRAVE to stop them and save the world from total annihilation.Armed with a power that had been exiled for a thousand years, can Vincent be the key to the world's salvation or its demise? We spoke about the lore and history of the Millennium Exile story world, dove into character development alongside world development, and how plot armor is the terrible for keeping an audience guessing.It’s a fantastical conversation!Learn more about Millennium Exile:https://www.millenniumexile.com/ #MillenniumExile #anime #fantasy #magic #lore #storyworld #storytelling #transmedia #collectivejourney #artists #creatives #worldbuilder #showrunner #screenwriters #producers #indie #newconceptsSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/storyworldexplorers)
Jul 2 2021
1 hr 19 mins
SWE #2 Small Giants with Jake Sorgen & Matt BowdrenSWE #1 Titan Effect with Christian NommayIn Conversation - End of Season 2#53 - In Conversation with Chet Turnbeaugh#52 - In Conversation with Ken Cameron & Russell Stratton#51 - In Conversation with Syya Yasotornrat#50 - In Conversation with Garrett Spatz#49 - In Conversation with Jason Cutter
This week’s guest is our new friend, Jason Cutter!  Jason is the CEO of Cutter Consulting Group, an author, podcaster and sees himself as a sales success architect for companies and individuals. Even though he didn’t have a sales upbringing or background (his bachelor’s degree is in Marine Biology), he knows what it takes to be successful in sales. His first book – Selling With Authentic Persuasion: Transform from Order Taker to Quota Breaker - is focused on helping anyone in a sales professional.We spoke about authentic persuasion in sales, how the customer journey is a baton race, and how everything in sales is h2h (human to human).It’s quite the persuasive conversation!Follow Jason:Main Hub/Link: www.jasoncutter.comCCG Website: https://www.cutterconsultinggroup.com/Authentic Persuasion: https://authenticpersuasion.com/Authentic Persuasion Show/The Sales Experience Podcast: https://wavve.link/tsepLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jascut/Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/authenticpersuasion/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasonmcutter/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUispT6lFirB6zLADpvQ8HQBuy the Book: https://www.authenticpersuasion.com/buyswap/Online Course: Persuading Like A Professional: https://authenticpersuasion.thinkific.com/courses/persuading-like-a-professional#Sales #persuasion #customerjourney #sales #integration #marketing #advertising #thinkradical #Clovispoint #podcast #inconversation #attention #earnattentionSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/storyworldexplorers)
Mar 1 2021
59 mins
#48 - In Conversation with Horace Flournoy